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The majority of our games uses this same basic rules mechanic:

Highest Wins!

Once you learn the basics of one, picking up the game rules of the rest is fast and fun.

Pegasus Engine CORE RPG

Enjoy a wide range of CORE Worlds, Accessories and Adventures all to be used with our exciting RPG: The Pegasus Engine

Designed to power your hero to reach new heights within these fast to learn storytelling rules.

Pegasus Engine is capable of running any style of game in any genre including, but not restricted to: Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Science Fiction, Super Heroes.

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Onslaught: Battle of the Mirrorverse

Gather heroes from our CORE Worlds scattered across the Mirrorverse to battle for domination of territory!

Fast paced Card and Dice Game using the Basic Pegasus Engine CORE Rules!

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Board Games

A range of family friendly, exciting and fun baord games will be available soon!

Watch out for our up and coming CASCADE game!

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Pegasus Engine: Battle Force

Battle Force is an exciting small scale miniatures battle game.

A full range of miniatures and force statistics, accessories, campaign rules or one shot scenarios, are all available to expand your gaming experience.

Gather your forces to battle within our CORE Worlds or worlds of your own creation.

Or take part in our special Nexus Forces to protect the Mirrorverse from the armies of the Horror! All battles have an impact on the official Game Lore!

Available Now!

Pegasus Engine: War CORE

A set of fast action War Game Rules. Utilising our Pegauss Engine basic Rules. Capable of battling across any genres, or mixing genres for extra excitment. Rules for mounted combatants and vehicles too!

Accompanied by rich CORE Worlds to stage your war theatre in.

A full set of campaign rules.

Force statistic from a variety of genres across our CORE Worlds.

A set of Force creation rules to adapt the system to your favourite game worlds or to match your miniatures you have invested in from other games.

Coming Soon!

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Printing Solutions

Got an idea? Designed your own adventure? Want to publish your own books? Then look no further. Using our Printing facilities you will have access to Print on Demand Services at an affordable cost! The print services are for any open liecnce games or your original ideas too.

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